"The feeling of shame expresses an awareness that we are not alone in the world. It takes a viewer, another subject, for shame to be comprehensible at all. The French existentialist, the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, has a famous example of a man who peeks "on other people through a keyhole. He describes the brutal shock that "shakes" him when he perceives that someone sees him peeking, when he perceives the other's gaze. For Sartre, another human being is something that transcends one's own world."

Without agreement, I take the right to photograph unknown people in the public space and with an extreme telephoto lens, the intimate (and private) is achieved. Skin, hair, faces unaware that they are being observed and documented. A look and sudden awareness of the other that confirms each other's existence and a limit that may be exceeded.

How do we set boundaries? How close can we get?